Happy New Year 2016

Growing up in a family of four kids, life could be pretty hectic. Getting out the door in the morning, getting dinner ready, cleaning up – the days felt busy. We lived in tight quarters for much of my childhood. This seemed to intensify the feelings of chaos. But every once in a while on a quiet weekend night and always over the holiday season, my brother would attempt to gather us kids together in one room by asking a simple question, “wanna talk about stuff?”

We all knew my brother’s question meant something meaningful was going to happen. We would have a chance to talk together and think about life in a way our regular everyday routine did not allow. As little kids, it would be things like “what do you think about this whole Santa Claus idea?” As we grew older, it became a little more about getting to know one another on a deeper level “how did you feel when dad died?” Into our twenties when we no longer lived together, we switched venues. Thursday nights at the pub became known as Wing-Nite Therapy.

Life progressed and we scattered the country. We were on our own to contemplate some of life’s bigger questions – “what’s my purpose?” Of course the next time we were all together in one city we knew we had to get together to talk about stuff. Then, we began to have children. They soon learned that the question “wanna talk about stuff?” would ultimately lead to lying on the bed side-by-side (often well passed bedtime) and seeing where the conversation took us. Very helpful in keeping the conversation going through the teenage years!

Now that I have my own counselling practice and have decided to add blogging to my repertoire, what else could I have called this blog? I believe in the narrative; the stories of our lives. I believe in thinking and feeling and sharing with the people you love and who love you.

So, join me each month – let’s talk about stuff!

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