A short 3-minute exercise that is meant to be used a few times a day. It is helpful when transitioning from one activity (or client) to another. On days when stress or anxiety may be high, grounding can help you regulate your breathing and stabilize.
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Progressive Relaxation

Before you go to sleep, or at times when you feel you need the energizing feeling of a good nap, this exercise is 20-minutes of breathing through various parts of your body. It is meant to use your breath to locate any pain, stress, trauma in the body and then let it go; leaving space for peace, calm, relaxation.
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Inner Voice

We all have a stillness inside us that is wise. Some call it the soul or the inner advisor. Where the voices in our head can be critical or judgemental, the inner voice of the soul comes from a place of love. If you are feeling stuck, it may be helpful to quiet your mind and touch in with this inner voice of wisdom to see if it can help you find the insight you need to move forward.
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